• Standard and special tools STANDARD AND SPECIAL TOOLS ON DEMAND

    - Milling Cutters
    - Cartridges
    - Boring Bars
    - Turning Shanks
    - Chamfer Cutters
    - End Mills
    - Drills
  • Standard and special inserts for metalworking STANDARD AND SPECIAL INSERTS FOR METALWORKING

    Inserts made of:
    - Cemented Carbide (Hard Metal)
    - Ceramic
    - Cermet
  • Tools and inserts for radiators TOOLS AND INSERTS

    Tools for processing aluminium, cast iron and bimetallic radiators:
    - Facing / Milling
    - Tapping / Threading
    - Boring
    - Countersinking
    - Creating housings for gaskets


Utensil Breit, which is the abbreviation of "Utensileria Brescia Italia", was founded in 1986 in Brescia, Italy. It boasts more than thirty years of experience in the field of precision mechanical clamping tools.

Our activity:

  • making special and ISO inserts made of Cemented Carbide (Hard Metal), Ceramic and Cermet
  • producing special and standard tools (milling cutters, cartridges, boring bars, turning shanks, drills...)
  • manufacturing tools for machining aluminium, cast iron and bimetallic radiators

Our mission is to resolve the specific problems of manufacturing and to meet the needs of the single customer providing unique solutions.

By using 5-axis CNC machines and professional softwares ISO and CAD, we can manufacture both tools according to drawings and special tools studied on specific customer's requirements.

Since 1995 we have been collaborating with leading transfer machine manufacturers in the studying and planning of tailor-made tools (for milling, tapping, threading, boring, turning).

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